Breast cancer: present and future

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Cristina Núñez González
Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti
Rúa Ulises Romero Nº1
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breast cancer, luminal A, luminal B, HER2-positive, and triple negative
Descrição do projeto: 
Breast cancer (BC) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women worldwide. Today, even though major breast cancer subtypes have been characterized, i.e., luminal A, luminal B, HER2-positive, and triple negative, little is known about the heterogeneity of breast cancer in blood. In particular, phosphoproteins secreted or shed by cancer cells constitute a largely overlooked source of biomarker candidates that could be correlated with breast cancer subtypes and/or disease status.
Principais objetivos: 
The main objective of this proposal is discovering minimally invasive protein biomarkers in blood for the early noninvasive diagnosis, classification and monitorization of different breast cancer subtypes. These new blood-based biomarkers that are highly specific could offer the potential to decrease BC morbidity as well as identify the most appropriate treatment options.

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