Interreg VA Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) Programme promotes cross-border cooperation projects with the support of the European Union


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26 Sep 2022
     (Download resumen PDF )       El programa Interreg España-Portugal (POCTEP) 2021-2027 ha sido elaborado por los Estados miembros de España y...
25 Aug 2022
    The European Commission has published a call for expression of interest to participate in pilot projects on cross-border governance (following...
24 Aug 2022
See on EC weppage      Today (23/08/2022), the Commission has approved the largest cross-border cooperation programme in the European Union, also...

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Thematic objectives: innovation, SMEs, climate change, environment and public institutions



Projects: health, aging and quality of life  Projects: environment and climate change Projects: jobs, social economy and inclusion Projects: tourism and heritage


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